MyHeritage Photo Repair

We all have old family photographs that are creased, marked, blurred or faded, and the photo tools from MyHeritage are a great help in improving the look of these photographs.

I have used the enhance feature several times to remove blemishes and blurriness from old images, but have not used the colourize feature as much, as I feel that my 19th century ancestors look better in black and white.  I find the animate feature somewhat spooky so have not ventured there.

But the latest addition to this suite of tools, the repair tool, is absolutely amazing.  In the past I would spend hours with a photo editing software tool to eliminate creases or cracks from old photographs, but the repair tool on MyHeritage does it in just a few seconds.

Before – After

The image above shows a comparison of one of my family photographs as I received it, with the repaired version from MyHeritage.  I think you will agree that the improvement is incredible.

To use the tool you simply log into your MyHeritage account, select Photos from the banner and upload your photographs.  When you open a photograph on the site you will see buttons for the Repair, Enhance, Restore Colours and Animate options.

Your repaired, enhanced or colourized photographs can be downloaded back to your computer, to be viewed, shared or stored for posterity.

Try it with one of your own photographs. I am sure that you will be happy with the results.

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