Favourite Genealogical Witticisms

While scouring the internet last week, looking for genealogical gifts, I came across a lot of coffee mugs, glasses, T-shirts, shopping bags, etc. emblazoned with genealogical witticisms. Many made me chuckle, and I would happily use a mug with any of them on it, so I thought that I would share the best of them (in my humble opinion) with you. I especially like the last one.

Family tree hugger

I love genealogy, it’s in my DNA

I seek dead people (I do genealogy)

Genealogists are relatively obsessed

I come from a long line of dead people

If it doesn’t involve genealogy I can’t help you

Eventually all genealogists come to their census

Genealogy – where a step backwards is progress

A family tree can wither if nobody tends its roots

Education is important but genealogy is importanter

Genealogy – where you disturb the dead and irritate the living

I regretfully decline your offer to interact socially.  I am doing genealogy

It’s okay if you don’t like genealogy, it’s kind of a smart people thing anyway

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