Cosgrave Y-DNA Further Unravelled

In July I described the progress made on further defining my Y-DNA haplogroup.  After Patrick Cosgrove received his Big-Y 700 result, FTDNA assigned Patrick and I to our own group, R-FT212122, a sub-clade of R-FGC9749.  But within a month, that picture changed again.

David McConnell received his Big-Y 700 result, and he was also assigned to R-FT212122 along with Patrick and myself.  But David had substantially more non-matching variants to me than Patrick did. So not surprisingly, a few days later the tree branched again.

David has remained in R-FT212122, and Patrick and I have moved to a new sub-clade of R-FT212122, that is R-FT212599.  This new sub-clade is defined by 4 private variants. The most recent common ancestor to Patrick, David and myself probably lived about one thousand years ago.

As we are approaching the best sale time of year for Y-DNA test kits, I am hopeful that more Cosgrave / Cosgrove men will take a test and help to further breakdown our shared ancestry.

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